Manage Your Skin Tanning Using These Products

Tan or not to tan? A million-dollar question of the dilemma posed by the beauty and health experts. I am not here to confuse you more to further complicate things. Though I am skeptical about tanning under sun or in tan beds, I leave the decision to you but would like to provide a solution for both the scenarios. Weather to tan or not, decision vests in your hands. I will just walk you through a product type that helps you remove tan from your tanned skin and another product that gives a safe tanned look in a day.

 moisturizers for tanned skin


Using moisturizers for tanned skin is the key to keep your tan affected skin in good physical shape. Skin needs deep restoration when you need to repair it permanently. Repairing it from the surface does not fix issues permanently, and they tend to return.

Yes, deep work needs time and consistent application of moisturizer that does three things simultaneously.

  • Reduces the tan effect by curing the tanned epidermis
  • Keep the skin protected from further damage
  • Imparts fairness through healthy extracts

When you keep using these moisturizers that work on tanned skin, you will notice the glow it returns to your skin by making it look fairer. Bonus point is it also works on the blemishes that were caused due to the effect of the sun like pigmentation and lighten them. Gradually these blemishes and spots also fade away, giving you smooth finished skin.

Spray Tanning

Now comes the exciting part, have you ever heard of spray tanning? If no, let me introduce you to the safest tanning method. While you keep hunting for the best spray tanning brand, let me enlighten you about a few other essential factors that need attention.

Spray tanning needs some preplanning and care, which should be taken care of, and little aftercare will retain it for a period of 5 to 7 days. The safety it offers and the simplicity that is required in application and maintenance make it a preferred tanning method.


Shave, exfoliate, and keep the skin bare without any application of cosmetics or sprays or any other products to the skin.


Few critical steps to take care of before you start.

  • Secure the areas that tend to get dark quickly like elbows and so to use a thin layer of lotion
  • Protect the mucus lined skin areas with Vaseline and avoid product getting into those places
  • Avoid breathing spray
  • Adding bronzer to tan spray will allow us to see where we sprayed, and bronzer will wash off in the first shower. It is optional, though.

Once all the precautionary measures are in place, we can move on to the actual process.


The process is quick and straightforward.

  • Load the spray tan gun with the spray tanner
  • Spray the tanner all over the body leaving out the places mentioned above
  • Let it dry

What Happens?

When you spray the tanning spray, your skin is exposed to DHA that browns your skin in a day. The color will develop gradually and will be more profound when you let the spray sit for a more extended period. Sweating a lot or showering within hours of spraying may reduce the tanning color.

Aftercare involves avoiding swimming, exfoliation, and usage of harsh soaps or oily moisturizers. Knowing which spray tanning brand is suitable for your skin takes some homework. Once you are lucky enough to find one that is apt for your skin tone and skin type, nothing is stopping you from looking gorgeous.

So, remember it is possible to lighten tanned skin by applying special moisturizers for tanned skin, designed to remove tan. For getting a tanned look safely, consider spray tanning.