DND Gel Polish – an Enriching Experience

Women and nail polish are inseparable from each other. Women value nail polish a lot. This example will prove the fact.

Two women were having a discussion. One of them asked, “How will you know he is the right one for you?” The other replied, “When he compliments my nails, I know that he is the right person.” In a nutshell, this discussion drives home the fact that women cherish using nail polish.

When the topic is on nail polish, one cannot ignore the name, DND Gel Polish. DND stands for Daisy Nail Designs. In recent times, DND has become popular among women all over the world.

A Reputation To Maintain

No two women have the same preferences. However, when it comes to nail polish, there is a consensus in favor of DND Gel Polish. The reason is the hard work that our company has put in for the past eight years to gain a reputation as one of the world’s best wholesale nail supplies firm.

One can expect the highest quality when purchasing DND, as they have a color bank comprising more than 500 gel colors. The best aspect of DND Gel Polish is that it is easy to apply and can help you get rid of chipping and shrinking nails forever.

How is DND Gel Polish different from the conventional nail polish?

No one can deny that well-manicured nails and a beautiful polish over it enhance the woman’s overall beauty. However, conventional nail polish takes a lot of time to dry out. There are always chances of damaging the manicure before the polish dries out perfectly. Secondly, the conventional nail polish lasts for a maximum of a week, following which you have to repeat the procedure.

DND Gel Polish, on the other hand, is different because of its long-lasting ability. The gel polish dries within a minute, thereby eliminating any chances of smudging and damaging your nails. Nails treated with DND Gel Polish last for more than three weeks. Another positive aspect of using gel polish is that you can do it at home and still end up with a salon-type performance.

Points to note when using DND Gel Polish

Following an incorrect procedure can end up damaging your nails. Therefore, one should remember to take the following precautions before any DND Gel Polish session.

  • Drying of the nails before applying polish is essential. It avoids the trapping of moisture under the polish layer. The accumulation of humidity for three weeks can damage the nails and cause infections.
  • Never chip away at the layers as you could end up damaging your nails more.
  • Constant use of a nail polish remover can also damage the nails.
  • It is advisable to let a trained salon manicurist handle the removal of the DND Gel Polish strips.

Why women love DND Gel Polish

DND nails has revolutionized the cosmetic application segment in the world. Every woman would love to apply DND gel polish to adorn her nails.

  • DND Gel Polish is available in more than 500 shades, with not a single shade being discontinued since its inception.
  • DND Gel Polish brings an element of elegance to the nails and makes the woman feel privileged.
  • It is easy to apply and lasts long.


Every woman in this world dreams of having perfectly manicured nails with the optimum coat of nail polish. Choosing the right type of nail polish becomes a crucial aspect. We ensure that you get the best DND Gel Polish at the most affordable rates. Ordering your wholesale nail supplies from us should be the best thing to do now.