Six Gel Manicures That Gel with Almost Everything

Life can be pretty hard on us women, especially during the pandemic. Moreover, we juggle between home and work to spend quality time with the people we love. So naturally, we would like to be at our best when mingling with friends and loved ones. Hence, it is right on our part to insist on a high-quality manicure. Fortunately, we have the new OPI gel colors that offer you a fantastic choice. Besides, OPI gel colors last comfortably long for three to four weeks.

Generally, we choose our nail manicures depending on the occasion, skin tone, and season. However, you have specific designs that match all clothing and attire. Let us now discuss some excellent nail manicures that have stood the test of time to rank among today’s most popular designs.

Best Gel Manicures with Almost Everything

The French Manicure

Best Gel Manicures with Almost Everything

When it comes to nail manicures, nothing can beat the French manicure. This design suits every season, occasion, attire, and skin tone because you can experiment with a tremendous range of exquisite designs. Generally, the French manicure consists of a beige or pinkish base with white borders at the nail edges. However, today’s younger generation is bold enough to experiment with different colors. Thus, the modern French manicure is available in an exciting range of color combinations. In addition, OPI gel colors offer fantastic options to choose from.

Beige/Nude Nails

Best Gel Manicures with Almost Everything

The best aspect of beige color tones is that you can have them any time of the year and still look gorgeous to the core. Besides, everybody likes these beige or nude tones. These colors suit almost every clothing and occasion, including weddings, New Year Balls, and other gatherings.

Secondly, these new OPI gel colors suit every skin tone from the fairest whites to the darkest of tans with equal ease. Besides, they offer excellent scope for experimentation. You can try out numerous nail art designs on these nude backgrounds and have a great time showcasing your nails on social media.

Classic Red Nail Designs

Best Gel Manicures with Almost Everything

Red is a perennial favorite of women globally. The exciting aspect of the classic reds is that people of all ages love to have red colors on their nails. It suits all dresses right from the party wear to your official suits. Besides, you can have these gorgeous red shades in every season. The best part of these OPI gel colors is that you get an extensive range of color shades to choose from. These color options start from the lightest pinks and stretch to the darkest reds.

If you conduct an opinion poll, at least nine women out of ten will certify that red ranks amongst the top three colors they would love to have on their nails.

Chocolate Brown

Best Gel Manicures with Almost Everything

While the reds and the beige shades have been famous since time immemorial, chocolate brown is a comparatively new option that people can try out today. Brown is an exciting choice, especially for people having some tan because it serves as a perfect nude shade for them. At the same time, it is an excellent choice for the fair-skinned because of the magnificent contrast it provides.

Recently, you find more women plumping for the chocolate brown hues to adorn their nails. It provides them with complete freedom to try out complex nail art designs and still look graceful and be the center of attraction wherever they go.

Short Black Nails

Best Gel Manicures with Almost Everything

People generally used to avoid having black nails during auspicious occasions like weddings. But the present generation does not worry about such superstitions because you can see several young brides wearing nail color combinations with black shades and still looking absolutely gorgeous.

Nail polish manufacturers have also recognized the shift in people’s mentality. As a result, you have the top brands offering exciting black shades. The new OPI gel colors can prove trendsetting in this regard.

The Baby Pinks

Best Gel Manicures with Almost Everything

No color can ever beat the innocence of baby pink. It is the most preferred choice for any bride to demonstrate their sweet innocence. The blush pinks have tremendous demand in the market, with almost every woman preferring to have these OPI gel colors in their cosmetic wardrobe. Whereas young women revel in their choice of light pinks, the older generation sees it as an excellent opportunity to relive their youth.

Besides, these pinks suit all clothing, right from formal office wear to the most casual vacation look. Of course, you can also have the classic French manicures with these light pink shades serving as the perfect background.


Choosing the right nail color gel can be challenging, especially when considering skin tones, occasions, moods, and seasons. However, the colors and manicures discussed above match all occasions and made you feel confident every time you have them. These six exciting shades undoubtedly top every woman’s favorite list.