Why Should You Have Gelixir Nail Polish and Ways to Apply It?

Perfectly done Gel nails can make any outfit stand out!

Gelixir is a nail polish brand made in the USA. If you are searching for a matching duo for your nails, then, Gelixir can be the one. Gelixir is one of the top brands of gel nail polish. Gelixir color chart offers 180 gel colors that can last up to two to three weeks. It is the best for chip-free wear and gives a glossy shine to your nails.

Why should you have these Gel nail polish in your cosmetic collection?

Gelixir nail polish acts as a bonding agent between the nail plate and gel colors that are applied. The nail polish secures adhesion and aims to protect  the natural nail plate. Gelixir offers a base coat product that works well with any other gel polish brand or product. It can be easily cured under the LED light or UV light within 10 to 30 seconds.

Along with the base coat, Gelixir gel polish also offers a no-wipe top coat. Gelixir nail polish is also known as a soak-off gel product as it can be quickly be removed using a soak-off gel remover. The Gelixir topcoat is specially designed to create an ultimate finish for your nails. It also creates a glossy shine that does not dull, chip, or peels easily from the gel polish. Just like the base coat, the top coat can also be cured under a UV/LED light.

What are the Product Features?

Here we have curated some great product features of Gelixir Nail Polish for you. Check them out

Gelixir Nail Polish can be used for both professional and home usage. Gelixir nail polish is made with 100% Authentic Materials which causes no damage to the natural nail plate. It has over 180 matching unique and vibrant colors to choose from and comes with a  color chart that makes it easier for you to choose  the matching shades. Also, the Gelixir polish has No shrinkage, even coverage, self-leveling, fast curing, faster soak-off time, and is durable. There is no shrinking or bleeding around the cuticles. The Gelixir nail polish dries/cures within a few minutes with UV/LED light and has durable wear that lasts around 3 weeks. It comes with a duo set of 2 bottles which has a Matching Gel Color & Nail Lacquer.

The best part of this nail polish is that it comes with the instructions behind the nail polish bottle.

Now, let’s have a look at the instructions given before using the Gelixir nail polish

Firstly, apply 2 thin coats of Gelixir color over your entire nail, and cap the free edges

Gelixir should be applied after the base coat

Cure each coat under UV light for 2 minutes and LED light for 30 seconds

In the duo set, the White bottle is a gel polish while the clear bottle that shows polish color is regular lacquer

In addition with the curing process, the removal process is also simpler. It does not harm your nails when done properly. Do not forget to gently remove the nail polish.

Well, who doesn’t long for healthy and strong nails? Each one of us is concerned about maintaining our nails and ensure that they do not get damaged by using several nail products. Buying a regular nail polish seems a waste of money sometimes, as it chips off easily. And, somewhere we all are glad for the invention of Gel nail polish colors. The perks of a gel manicure are simply because of its longevity and Shine. Though they are a bit costlier but are worth the investment and effort it takes. The regular nail paints could never beat this. Unlike the regular nail polish, the gel polish is imperishable which is why it is ideal for Wedding occasions, vacations, or any other special occasions. Some makeup artists also say that the gel manicure is like a protective layer of our nails that protects the nails from getting damaged.

Five tips for applying a Gel Manicure

Here, we have listed 5 tips that you must keep in mind before applying a gel manicure

Be cautious about the UV/LED lights

The application of gel manicure is usually different from the regular ones. They need to be cured under an LED light. The UV/LED lights are not safer for your nails which is why the curing time should be less. The Gelixir nail polish has a lesser curing time, which is healthy for our nails.

Gel nails must be applied properly

A nail tech is aware of how much time your nails need to be cured. You must not over-cure your nails. Over-curing your nails might lead to a harsh removal process. Gel nails should come off when soaked in acetone. If you over-cure your nails, you might manually chip them off which is traumatizing.

Remove your gel polish gently

Removing a gel polish should not destroy your nail plate. Make sure you remove them gently. Read the instructions properly if you are a newbie.

Don’t get your manicures too often

It’s perfectly fine to take gel manicures every once in a while but make sure you detox your nails from time to time which helps in rehydrating and repairing your nails.

Hydrate your nails every post-gel manicure

You need to moisturize your nails after removing your gel polish. Try to use cuticle oil more often to hydrate and strengthen your nail. You can also use a lotion that contains Vitamin E.


Now that you know how to use Gelixir nail polish, you are good to go and buy it. Choose your desired shade from several nail colors available. Happy Shopping!