Steps to Keep an Healthy Nail

Everyone wants to have neat, beautiful, classy, and soft nails which they can flaunt anytime they desire. According to a survey, most people don’t pay enough attention to their nail growth and skin type but want the best nail with little or no hard work. You should understand that sometimes nail treatment and infection may vary from one person to another depending on individual body type or geographical location.

Steps to Keep an Healthy Nail

The various tips to know a healthy nail and the best treatment to apply when a deficiency is noticed will be discussed intensively in this write-up.

Tips to know a healthy nail

Well, some experts ascribe keeping a healthy nail to the well-being of an individual. In a published magazine, a health practitioner expressed that most times when you see a shaggy, black or unattractive nail, it does not necessarily mean the person wants to keep it that way, it simply signifies how his/her body functions. ‘It could also be related to the type of food being consumed,” he said. Just in case you are doubting if you have a healthy nail or not, below are some common tips to recognize a healthy nail.

Natural pink color

If you notice your nail is sort of pink or mauve, you do not need to panic, it is simply a sign of a soft healthy nail. Note that, it is the tissue in the nail texture that produces this light pink coloration. To prove this, apply small pressure on the nail, you will notice the color disappear temporarily. Despite this beautiful natural coloration, some still use gel polish to improve the beauty/health of their finger or toenails.Ridges- Every human nail has ridges, the only issue is if you notice a horizontal ridge, then this might signify you need to seek health consultancy. A healthy nail will always have a vertical ridge.

Soft and strong

An healthy nail needs to be soft and bendable, also it should not break easily. Easy breakage of the nail could lead to injury or infection. It is advisable to see a dermatologist if you notice your nail is too rigid. You can also use best gel nail polish to keep your nail soft.

Growth rate

If you notice your nail did not grow well either as a result of biting or infection, then seek expert advice. A healthy nail is supposed to be neat, grow uniformly and cover the fingernails.


Cuticles is simply a cover matrix for the nail, it helps to protect the keratin natural nails from bacteria and other infectious microbes. If the cuticles are cut off or not well protected, you might notice swelling or deformity in the nail which could be a result of infection.

Effect of vitamins on nail growth?

Yes, a vitamin is an essential nutrient for effective nail growth but you need to understand that sometimes, excess of this mineral can be detrimental to the nail. Most beauty supplements always have a considerable amount of vitamins in their ingredient, this is why it is advisable to seek knowledge before using any product.

Vitamin plays a vital role in the beautification, softening, and growth of the nail but know that excess of this nutrient can be counterintuitive. A nutrition expert suggests that despite the important role vitamin plays in keeping the nail healthy, it is advisable to always use another supplement or multivitamin which would serve as insurance.

Does the kind of food I consume affect my nail growth?

Dr. Fred Mason suggested that diet and keeping a healthy nail go hand in hand, if you want to maintain a soft and healthy nail, you need to monitor the kind of food you consume. The cornerstone for having good nail growth is to ensure to have a balanced diet that contains minerals, vitamins, and a considerable amount of oil. Also, ensure to monitor the kind of product you use on your nails as some may react differently on people’s bodies.

The best treatment for nails

Although there are various treatments to keeping nails healthy and treating infection there is uniformity in the idea of seeking medical help if you notice any deficiency in your nail growth, drink a lot of water, and eat a well-balanced diet.

Treating the nail is not essentially about using a lot of different or expensive products, you can allow your nails to grow naturally and this would make you look simple and classy.


To keep a low-budget soft, neat, and healthy nail is very simple. You just need to pay considerable attention to your body, monitor the kind of food and product you use while also seeking required consultancy periodically. Keeping a healthy nail is not just about buying nail product(s) or coloring the hand, make research on what best fits your skin type and use it.