The 5 Best Wedding Nail Colors

The effort you efforts inject into the preparations of your wedding determines its degree of success. The results of your handwork payoff on the fateful day when you lastly say your vows in front of your life partner, your family, and friends. However, the image and reputation you leave behind will forever be on the tongues of the attendants.

You do not want your friends to remember you as a bride who walked to the arbor with frowzy nails. Just like your shadow, you will forever carry the reputation wherever you go. Nonetheless, choosing the best wedding nail colors can give you the confidence to flaunt your fancy looking nails, leaving the tongues of the cloud wagging.

If you are wondering how to gather the confidence to show off your ring, the list of nail colors in this article will give you the confidence you desire by ensuring that your nails are on point.

Best of British by Londontown Lakur

Brides who have previously applied this nail polish on their weddings found it perfect to wear in all occasions. It is one of the leading golden lacquers in the market. The manufacturer describes it as a warm and hammered product that requires a little more confidence to wear. You can achieve the desired opaqueness by applying one or two coats. Furthermore, its formulation increases its ease of application. The product has distinct gold foil shades with characteristic deep and dynamic colors.

When compared to whites and creams, using the product gives you a feeling of fidelity and extravagance. It is a vegan polish that is gluten and five free. Additionally, it is formulated with chamomile, evening primrose, cucumber extracts, biotin, and vitamin A to nourish the nails.

Cheshire Plains by Londontown Lakur

Your wedding gown can be perfectly complemented by painting your nails’ nude base with speckles of robin eggs to provide you with a fresh look. The resultant look can be related to the champagne or confetti bubbles. It is perfectly formulated so that it is completely unique to give your audience a luscious moment without overpowering your look. There are distinct color swatches produced for different skin tones, but melanated skin tones complement Cheshire Plains perfectly.

Romantique by CND Vinylux

This polish is made by Vinylux Creative Nail Designs, a line well renowned for the production of non-UV nail products with gel-like durability. All you need is to have bare nails where the Vinylux is applied. A base coat is not needed in this process, but you have to use CND’s Weekly Top Coat to top the applied Vinylux coat. The resultant manicure is cured under sunlight, and its formulation allows it to get tougher with exposure to sunlight, allowing it to last for more than a week. Romantique can be used as a French manicure’s basecoat or used alone on natural nails to give them a world-class allure. The beauty you get from this sheer pinky nude is perfect for your wedding day.

Piece of Cake by Butter London

This Butter London manufactured lacquer is light pink and might turn your wedding day to the best day of your life. It is a feminine near-white shade that every bride should try out. Besides, it belongs to the Patent Shine 10X line; thus, it provides a thick and gel-like long-lasting wear. It might be slightly disappointing to those who love high gloss, but this can be fixed using a fine topcoat. Furthermore, it is ten free, implying that its formulation does not contain DBP, formaldehyde, and other chemicals that may damage your nails. Other wedding nail colors that might interest you include the Pearl Jammin’ by China Glaze and Skinny Dip by Essie.

Sugarette by Smith and Cult

If you think that what you need is satin and pearlescent finish on your wedding day, this milky silver product can provide you with what you need. You will be walking around with a lavishly looking silk fabric appearance that would be more than captivating to your audience. It may result in a streaky look for some people forcing them to apply multiple coats, but the products’ metallic shimmer look conceals the look.  Its formula is mildly thin, and Sugarette color is just a limited edition that you should quickly acquire if your bottles are running dry. The good thing with the polish is that it is also eight free.


Perhaps you are a fan of gel polishes like OPI gel polish or dip powder nails like Kiara Sky or Nugenesis nails products. You might as well be a follower of a specific brand, but your wedding day may need something different because you are doing it for yourself and the rest of the world. Your friends or the nearest wholesale nail supplies store might fill your head with recommendations, but you need to give your friends something great to remember. Do not let one brand tie you down. This article opens a world of possibilities by giving you some of the best wedding nail color options that you can try out.